Book Signing: Rachael Ray

Don't miss your chance to meet and greet Rachael Ray!

Where:Wegmans - The Dulles/Sterling, VA Store,(Directions)

When: Thursday, December 15th - Noon

Why: Her Most Recent Book 365: No Repeats

Rules of the Wegman/Rachael Signing: You must buy the book at Wegmans sometime between now and then, because in order to get in line to get your book signed, you have to show them (1) Her Book and (2) The Receipt of Purchase from Wegmans. On December 15th, you need to get there early because you have to wait in line at their customer service desk to get a 'ticket' (verifiying your purchase there), which allows you to get in line to have her sign your book.

Thankfully Wegmans is at least offering the book at a 20% discount starting November 1st. Ms. Ray will only be signing 300 peoples books and only signing first names - due to a limitation on time - and will NOT SIGN any other books or memorabilia at the signing.(Ahhh...the power of the Ray!)

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