New Class Theme Starts Today at Fair Oaks Mall Williams-Sonoma

Starting a new menu for the Williams-Sonoma Cooking Class Series at Fair Oaks Mall today: Mediterranean Al Fresco Lunch. I am very excited about this menu because I am personally a BIG fan of Moroccan, Greek, Indian, and those fusion cuisines in between. So even though I had nothing to do with planning the menu - its still all about me!

  • Greek Feta Spread (Kopanisti
  • Tabbouleh with Chickpeas
  • Baba Ghanoush
  • Beet & Walnut Salad with Dill
  • Summer Fruit Salad with Sambuca

All the dates I am teaching this menu are the following:

  • Monday, July 31st (SOLD OUT)
  • Monday, August 7th (SOLD OUT)
  • Monday, August 14th
  • *Also at the Old Town store on Monday, August 21st!



Fair Oaks Mall: Williams-Sonoma Classes Scheduled thru February 2007

Just thought I would note that my cooking classes at the Williams-Sonoma in Fair Oaks Mall have been scheduled from September (06) thru February (07). You can find the complete list of classes at my Fine Dining Solutions work website at http://www.finediningsolutions.com.

Just remember that you register for the class through the Williams-Sonoma Fair Oaks Store at 703-352-7162 and that you can only make reservations a month in advance. Many people know this and therefore call exactly 31 or 30 days before the class to register and the classes fill up in a day or so – so take note.


Women Chefs & Restauranteurs': Vinegar Tasting in Columbia, MD

Our sister Baltimore chapter of Women Chefs' & Restauranteurs will be doing a vinegar tasting event at Fretz Corporation Kitchens in Columbia, MD.

Its called the Pucker Up! A Vinegar Seminar, Tasting & Luncheon and 4x Culinary Gold Metalist of Sysco, Certifed Master Chef Clay Anthony will discuss the history, process, science and trends of vinegar.

I do really wish I could attend this - but it on a Monday morning at 11am - and I have a job.

Dishes will be prepared reflecting the different vinegars by many Baltimore local members.

For more information and to register: visit the WCR registration page.