On a Pho (not faux) Mission

I totally admit that I have never liked pho. With most peoples food preferences, it stems back to my first experience that wasn't positive. It was in a dirty place in reston, eating flavorless soup, being young in my food eating experience I was confused over the process and if to use chopsticks or the spoon. Add to that the bad company I had the soup with and it is no surprise, years later, I wince when my husband asks me to lunch and suggests pho.

A few months ago, in my Asia travels, I spent some time in Vietnam. I learned that what I had years ago was more like faux then pho. I ate pho for every meal and enjoyed all the different add-ons you could enjoy at your table.

Now I am back in VA, when my husband suggests pho, I smile...but make him try a new pho place everytime in search of the elusive flavor and interesting add-ons I had in Vietnam. When I find a place, I'll post and let you know.

Here is a video showing one meal my husband and I had in a restaurant in the Saigon neighborhood of Ho Chi Minh City.

Pho Video

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