Events: Book Signing

Author Nancy Tringali Piho is exploring an interesting subject about children's eating habits, how they develop and what impact having 'foodies' as parents can make.

Studies have shown that children must taste something at least 10 times to be able to know if they 'like it' or not, specifically due to their ever developing palate between the ages of 1-3. This also leads to a battle for the parents, attempting to get their children to try it 10 times!

Nancy Tringali Piho book, My Two Year Old Eats Octopus is taking on this subject and Citronelle is hosting a book party for her (Feb 10th at 6:30pm) with a price-fixed-dinner for the adults ($95/pp) and their children ($37).

To read more about the book, this event and about the author, visit her website: http://www.mytwoyearoldeatsoctopus.com/

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