Travel: Texas BBQ

My husband and I have been known to travel for food. Be it flying to Barcelona for the weekend to eat at El Bulli or stopping in London (on the way home from China) to eat at the Fat Duck.

So in September, we will head to Texas for a long weekend to taste some fantasic BBQ. Currently our list contains 9 locations, each noted from our research (from friends, websites, etc.) for a meal that is sure to be special. We'll only have 48 hours, so we may have to stop eating several days before we go!

This is only our first part of our BBQ tasting trips. We do plan on visiting Kansas and Tennessee separately. If you have a suggestion for any of these areas, please let me know. And of course, I will post lots of pictures after our trip.

Our current San Antonio-Austin Area, Texas BBQ restaurant list (and the minimum we'll be tasting there!):

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