Restaurant Review: Grace - Los Angeles

You may say, I have seen this post before...Yes, because I had posted this review of Grace and one person (apparently they have taken the anonymous internet to their interest for the sake of Grace and even took my mothers name in bad taste due to my review) posted some extremely inappropriate comment, simply because I was honest and shared how I didn't appreciate Graces food or their service.

If you happen to be in LA - Grace is one of those restaurants that is currently happening and where you want to be at.

Although my husband and I were able to get a reservation (about 3 weeks in advance), I wouldn't jump to get this place on your 'things to do' list. There were a few problems that made our check not necessary worth it.

First, when we walked into the restaurant, I didn't realize that my husbands shirt (under his jacket was maroon) and my blazer (since it was only in the 50's in LA) was maroon as well, the hostess said "how cute, it must be your anniversary - you both match!". I could get frustrated with this....but no...its just LA fashion.

During our entree, we realized that our waitress had 7 tables...yes...7. And this is a 'fine-dining' restaurant. You could watch her fill the water at the table next to us, then make it to our table and then hit the remaining 5 tables. This was a constant display, including bread, water and our entrees.

When the bus boy cleared our entrees, he actually took a table cleaner (those little metal things they sweep the crumbs off the table with) and swept them straight onto the floor. And it was quite apparent, that the floor, was where he intended them to go. Who does this? I admit, I have eaten in some really nice and some really okay restaurants and not all of them even use a crumb sweeper...But think about it...What would you do if you where in a restaurant that bothered to use the crumb sweeper...And then swapped them on the floor? On purpose? We might as well get peanuts and dispose our shells on the floor-at least then we are getting a really good 5-Guys burger.

Finally, the food...It was pretty good. Not bad. Not good.

If fact, my husbands foie gras was significantly burnt, not seared. I told him to return it, but he felt too bad, knowing that there was some line cook in the back that had screwed up, sent the burnt foie out anyways and hoping that it wasn't coming back. My husband answered his prayers. UNTIL I got my entree....And there was 2 pearl onions on my plate that were really burnt. Like they had put them on a really hot plate that was greased and let them in sit in the oven for 2 hours...It was gross. I didn't complain...Knowing that this is obviously a kitchen issue...But it must mean that the expediter is an idiot, or not the chef...And therefore the chef WAS NOT THERE AND THEREFORE THERE WAS NO ONE thinking about the reputation of the restaurant. And it was disappointing..

Okay, now you'll see my escargo...With only 4 escargo...Pretty sad for $17 when I knew for sure (once I saw the escargo) that it was canned escargo from FRance that retails for barely $12 for 3 dozen. And then my entree, a filet (oven roasted so no yummy seared crust) with a beef short rib,(from which they gave me HALF a short rib....thats right....only HALF an inch of A beef short rib..for a mear (sarcastic laugh) or $32) that was only a quarter of a serving.

Therefore, save your money from Grace. It is just another 'flash in the pan' LA restaurant' - I would think of a nobody LA famous actor/actress, but you wouldn't know them anyways?

But be carefully though, as I have learned, some people are completely mean and selfish when it comes to admitting that their favorite restaurant may 'rip some people off'.

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