Restaurant Review: Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas)

Just returned from Las Vegas enjoying the sites, sounds and the fabulous ‘non-humid’ heat of 107 degrees. It was great. I ate my way around the strip and had a delicious uber-bling-Vegas burger at Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino.

Burger Bar is a build your own burger place, but with gourmet items. Therefore I had a...

...kobe beef burger on an onion roll with roasted asparagus, gruyere cheese, red wine reduction and caramelized shallots sauce, sautéed oyster mushrooms and of course...seared foie gras.

Although the burger was around $45 - it was awesome! And I even passed on the shaved truffle for an upcharge of $30.

I love Vegas - where else can you can get truffles, foie gras and american style kobe beef on your burger? Vegas baby - yeah!