Restaurant: Elephant Jumps

My new favorite restaurant is Elephant Jumps, a (relatively new) Thai restaurant near the VA intersection of route 50 and 495. Elephant Jumps is the only DC area Thai restaurant I have eaten at that serves the fresh and simple food I've enjoyed in my multiple trips to Thailand. And I am not the only one.

In the past few months, I have tried nearly 70% of the Elephant Jumps menu and enjoyed it all - eating there and take out too. One of my favorite dishes (pictured left - from take-out) is the Crispy Salmon with Ginger Sauce (although it can also come with mango sauce which I really like as well). I think my second favorite is the Cashew Chicken in Taro Nest or maybe its the Fried Papaya Salad?

You might want to take note, this restaurant has four levels of spice, mild, medium, hot and Thai hot - and this is the only Thai restaurant I've been to in the states that 'Thai Hot' actually means 'Thai Hot', yet the taste isn't lost in the heat, it just adds another layer of flavor.

Never fear though, if you are someone who loves Thai, but has a co-diner that doesn't so much...they have an East meets West menu, which includes a great Burrito Satay Chicken stuffed with rice, chicken and sweet style peanut sauce...a very yummy Chipotle-style Thai Burrito.

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