Restaurant Review: Inde Bleu

If you haven't been to IndeBleu yet, you really ought to go. A fushion of Indian and French cuisine - it can be a nice meal. I visited recently and haven't been in almost a year - the restaurant only being open 13 months. The menu has significantly changed since my first visit, there used to be twice as much to choose from with a focus on first and second courses.

Now the menu is half the size, and half of it, is price-frix. It has also lost its intensive focus on marrying french style with Indian flavors. Now the indian side seems more like an accent - not necessarily even in every dish. Disappointing.

It is still quite a deal though, only $65 for 4 courses - so you can save your money for the 10% DC city tax you have to pay. A side note on the tax - when IndeBleu brings you your bill, it actually outlines what you got, then on a separate line says IRS Bullsh*t. Someone ought to let them know it IS NOT THE IRS - it is the Bullsh*t District of Columbia.

The first time I went to IndeBleu the entrees were quite disappointing and the appetizers had so much to offer. This meal was completely flipped. The entree made the trip worth it - otherwise I would say - save your money and visit this restaurant during restaurant week.

Here are some pic's that were noteworthy dishes:

Pomegranate Glazed Duck breast over Sweet Red Wine Braised Cabbage and a few Potato Gnocchis (actually 4 on my plate).

Lobster and Foie Gras Tortellini - could have been so impressive! But I only found 1 brunoise of foie in 1 of 3 tortellini's and then put about 2 cups of pea veloute in bowl, so I had to suck the sauce off the tortellini's just to get a taste of what they were.

Their signature dessert. Spagetti n Meatballs: They run saffron ice cream through a potato ricer and serve it next to mascerated ladyfingers.

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