Event: Michel Richard Cooking Class at Citronelle

So I may be teaching a few cooking classes every month (click here for my current class list), but I love to be a participant in cooking classes as well. Recently, I took a class from Michel Richard at Citronelle where we drank champagne before 11:30am, watched him cook, then nag and squint in distrust at his executive chef and his new pastry chef (Heather Chittum)about their cooking. It was quite entertaining!

Here was the menu:
White Asparagus Soup
Vouvray Sec "La Coulee D'Argent" Vielles GVignes, Domaine Bourillon D'Orlean, 2002
Turkey Steak Au Poivre
Vosne Romanee, Domaine Daniel Roin, 2002
Apricot Tart
Quarts de Chamue, Grand Cru, Domaine de la Bergerie, 1997

Sadly, they didn't have white asparagus, so the soup was green. They poured so much wine...thankfully I had a DD. It is a real value though, 3 great recipes, all the champagne you can drink, Richard's demonstration of all three recipes (helped out of course by the exec. Chef and pastry chef), followed by a plated 3-course luncheon with wine (all you can drink of course!) in a closed-down Citronelle for about 5 hours with only you and the other participants (20 tops)for the bargain price of $130.

He only schedules about 3 classes a season and they sell out fast, so go online to their website and you can sign up for their email list, then you'll stay in the loop!