Recipe: Ready to Grill - Herb Chicken & Baby Red Potatoes

For some people, as soon as the first hot day arrives, acknowledging spring and soon to be summer, we light or 'push the button' to heat the grill to celebrate - with a quick and easy dinner.

Make your grilling life quick and easy and pre-marinate your foods. Please don't submerge them in those over potent marinates (that who knows what in them!)you get from the grocery. Just marinate them in canola oil with lemon wedges, a selection of herbs and some black peppercorns. After 24 hours in the fridge, you'll be amazed at the difference in juicy, fragrant and 'spring-herb' inspired dinner.

I love to do the same with asparagus, sweet potato wedges (that are peeled), and even red baby potatoes (which I skewer together for easy grilling.

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