Be an Individualist: Personal Desserts

The next time you are having a dinner party or getting friends and/or family together why not make personalized desserts? Everyone loves having their own dessert, you control the portion size (and the amount of leftovers) and there is less cooking time involved because smaller items cook faster. All you need is a small cake pan (can be purchased from Sur La Table for less than $5/cake pan) or bake a cake in a normal 9x13 and using a 3-4 inch ring mold - cut out circle pieces for serving.


Lisa said...

Good idea. My friends think it's bizzare but i'm not a big cheese cake fan. What kind of icing woul you reccomend if I used an angel food cake batter.

Shanna said...

I'm a fan of plain vanilla frosting:
- 1 - 8 oz. container of creme cheese
- 3 cups of 10x (Confectioners Sugar)
- 3 T. of Vanilla Paste or 3 T. of Vanilla Extract & 2 Vanilla Beans, Scraped
=Whip together ingredients until combined.