"Wild" Deer in DC?

Next time you are driving through NW DC, you might want to watch out for deer. Yes, I saw a doe today, with her two babies, running across the street about 40 feet in from my car. As you see from the smeered picture - I wasn't the only driver that was caught by surprise. And this isn't the first time I have seen deer around here.

A few months ago, I was leaving another clients home and all of a sudden a deer ran in front of my car. Since I grew up near the forest in eastern washington state, at first this wasn't a surprise...and then...I think...and realize this is strange - since I was just a few blocks from the Rock Creek Park in NW...now I am confused. And wondering if now would be a good time to dial that number to report suspicious activity I am always seeing on the I-495 signs.

I quickly take some photos (the one with the single doe, standing) and emailed it to my client to say "I saw deer on your street!?". They told me that they are always around - and even eat the grass in their backyard....

I didn't know their were any 'wild' animals left in DC.

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