Being Rachael Ray in VA: Dine & Dish #4

This is my first entry into Dine & Dish and I figure what a better way to join the fun in the food blogsphere than to enter a contest to be a wanna-be Rachael Ray for a day, by doing my own $40 a day episode in the DC Metro area.

As you may know, I am a relatively new food blogger, so I just came across this contest on Saturday! So I got focused on my own backyar, NoVA - and I was sure that I could hit three of my favorite (and completely different) restaurants: The Royal Restaurant, The Italian Store and 2941 Restaurant, therefore having a very filling and very fabulous 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on $40 or less.


Rachael Ray said...

Shanna sweetie - thanks for giving me all the good tips on where to eat in DC metro area. Guess I might as well fire my researcher now, save some more cash...


Sam said...

Hi Shanna
thank you so much for taking part. I am particularly impressed that you managed to dine at one of the top spots in NV and still remain on budget.

I hope to post the roundup tomorrow


sarah said...

hello hello shanna! thanks so much for putting on such a sexy little outfit while cooking, you sassy little thing ;)

wasn't this just too much fun? hope you'll be able to play in dine and dish number five... another fun theme will be up this week!

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