Mother & Child Reunion

Scrolling through Allrecipes.com, looking for some pseudo-south beach dishes for a client. Lauri Ann Randolph, a best selling author of low-carb cookbooks has a descriptive and what I find to be a graphic recipe listed: Mother & Child Reunion - (Chicken & Egg Salad).

This can't be as bad as I think it is initially right? No mega-low-carb book seller has a publicist that bad...

With further [Google] research, I learn that Lauri Ann Randolph may just be sending a shout-out to Paul Simon. His first solo single in 1972 was called "Mother & Child Reunion". A song apparently inspired after a meal he enjoyed at the 456 Restaurant in Chinatown, NYC. The dish Mother & Child Reunion containing chicken and eggs.

Urban Myth? Perhaps. But at one time I thought Lauri Ann Randolph was just another non-chef, getting some $$ off the low-carb craze. I think I'll think of her now as a "low-carb" outlet artist, inspired by Paul Simon, who in turn was inspired by the 456.

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Libra said...

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